Since I wrote about my hormone struggles a few months ago, I've got alot of feedback and questions about how I'm going.  I didn't realise so many people are going through same heartache and disappointments as me despite all the effort they're putting into training and eating well.
Now over 6 weeks has passed and I'm actually feeling alot better but I've had to make many adjustments to my habits, food and lifestyle to achieve a sense of hormonal balance in my life. 

Outlined below are the things that I've changed, omitted and added to get to that happy place.  I'm not truely happy yet but I'm certainly getting there!


I can't get fat off my arms. My weight won't shift and my hormones are screwed so what's the point of training or even try to compete??!!! 

I have been an unhappy camper for the past week. These thoughts have been going through my head since my visit to the doctor after he told me the results of my recent blood tests.   I had been working with my doc to work on getting my adrenal fatigue, thyroid and cortisol levels down for a while and I guess positives
that has come out of my result is that all the forementioned results are great and I'm finally in the norm.  My iron, liver function and glucose sensity is good too so hooray for me. 

But the most important question is how is my testosterone and estrogen doc?


  My Tips on getting that Fitness Model Body!

Breaking through the mental barriers The first step is breaking through those mental barriers! The mind has all the power as to whether you achieve your goals or not. What you think, you become so instead of looking at all the things you don't like about yourself focus on the things you love!

You have to get up everyday and tell yourself you can do this! When you first wake is when your brain is most alert (for most of us!) so this is the best time to give yourself that positive boost!


Unit sexing
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ON Fitness
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G’Day Girls.
Are you ready to hit the gym, park… even the lounge room? Good- we have summer to get ready for! If you can’t get into the gym or don’t even belong to one, here is a basic bodyweight circuit you can follow to get stronger.

With the weather improving and daylight savings having officially kicked in, what better way to get fit than NOW?

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Why not use this circuit as a start in your preparation for the Bikini Contest Go Figure is holding on the Go Figure Awards on 16th November?

The following strength workout can be completed 2-3x a week on alternate days. For example, train Monday, train Wednesday and train Friday.


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