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G’Day Girls and welcome to the first post of “I Heart Tin”. My aim for these posts is to introduce the unknown arenas of the gym to you so you gain a little bit of familiarity and start to love lifting weights and going to the gym as much as I do.
First things first, I thought I would share what happens in an average UNIT day. At the moment, I am winding down from a huge couple of months entering in the Sports Model comp (if you are even thinking about it –just enter it, it’s awesome) and series of Group Fitness national presentations of new choreography for our Les Mills programs.


The Fitness Model, Bikini and Glmour Classes are certainly taking the stage by storm lately. And why wouldn’t you want to look those gorgeous girls on stage. They’re toned, got great abs, butts to die for and most importantly look fit and are the picture of health.

So how does one train to look like the babes on stage?
Simple answer. By hard work.


Kerfuffels and chaos. We all go through them at some point in our daily or weekly lives in your work, family or social lives.  You know those events that cause a disorder to our peaceful state of well being.  Events that cause your blood pressure to rise, heart rate goes a little higher than it should and cause you stress.

When I go through these chaotic times one thing that has kept me sane has been training and bodybuilding.

above: aside from Bodybuilding, my dog Trixie's also a constant cardio force in my life

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's used bodybuilding as their rudder to keep calm in stormy times, so you'll know what I'm talking about and the peaceful feeling the routine of training and dieting gives you.


  In this article, Suz discusses how to ’stay friends with your friends’ as you pursue your fitness goals… Friends unite.

Whether you are reading this article because you are about to commence your fitness journey or are already a ‘card carrying’ VIP member, you should be aware that your schedule looks very different to that of someone who is not on the same path to health and vitality.

Instead of ‘Friday drinks’ you might be topping up your drink bottle in anticipation of the imminent spin class, or forgoing the sweet or salty chips and dips in favour of a healthy snack (or no snack at all) whilst on your couch snuggling into your partner.


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