So you've decided on your goal this year. Some of you have a burning desire to compete in a bodybuilding show while others are going to commit to a new healthy regime which will also get them a new body. While these two challenges are different in their intensity, both will require just as much commitment and dedication to achieve them.  
But first ask yourself. "Why do I want to do it?" The decision to make any serious change must come from inside if you are willing to commit to your new goal.


Back in October 2015 I went along to a Forensic Nutritionist and this is what happened!

With a simple pin prick of my finger and the consequent drop of blood Forensic Nutritionist Garry took from me revealed so many things about my blood under the microscope that was just amazing. 

Garry and Lisa
Firstly its quite surreal to see your blood under the microscope.  It makes you realise this is what you're made of.

Little living cells pumping around your body keeping your immunity in check, regenerating cells to keep you healthy and also the appearance of bad cells that show some parts of you are not so healthy.


Its been a long time coming but I've finally found my 'zing' to write again, hooray!  Through a combination of health and work factors, I really lost my drive last year to think and do anything. I felt like I just needed to drop out a while and concentrate on myself.  You probably didn't notice as Go Figure was still ticking along but I wasn't really 'present' and interested.  I'm sure everybody goes through that phase but not everyone can do it.

But after working on my health and getting my hormones on track, I feel so much better and have the desire to update the site on various health and fitness issues again.  So what better topic start with this year than motivation!

Luckily I have never lost motivation to train and keep active. In fact it has been my rock during my 'crisis', a mid life crises maybe lol.  But for some of you, you're wondering why you're lacking motivation whether it be in your work and/or fitness life so here are just some of the things I've found to help me get going again. Hope it helps!


License.         Today
One wise woman once said to me 'Lisa, people are going to remember for your body, they're going to remember you for your passion for fitness'. And she's right.

We were talking about our struggles with our hormones and my complaining about how I've never been able to get the leanness I try to get.  I'll probably complain till I'm a 100, but its the struggle and the challenge that keeps me going.

She did put things in perspective for me and I should be glad that eventhough my body won't do what I want it to, at least I've aged rather well... like a Goddess should! 

The above left pic shows pic from my 1999 drivers license.  Doesn't everyone take a pic of of their license?!  yes I'm vain.  Right pic is recent pic of me.  I'm pretty proud that I haven't changed too much in 15 years and I think I look better today than my young self. 


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