Do you need to shake up your food regime to accelerate your fat loss? I've found cycling of carbs and fat a very effective eating plan to help enhance fat loss. This 'chaos' of feeding your body different amount of calories and proportion of carbs and protein help keep your body's metabolism burning and keep it from plateauing, even close to contest time. 


  Spring is here, sun is out, you're in a happier mindset so what a great time to change your training plan to keep making changes to your body.

You may have been hibernating in the winter, didn't feel like going to gym or didn't go as often as you should have.  A couple of kgs have somehow snuck on and its time to get the fat off before it sticks or even worse,  you pile more weight on!
So to help you on your way, I've outlined a simple weekly training plan.  OK, its not quite simple and is aimed at the more intermediate level gym bunny who's been training for a few years.  But if you've just started at the gym, try and do the plan but perhaps just do 2 sets per exercise.  The plan aims to increase muscle mass while helping you get leaner.  You'll notice there's an extra day to focus on the butt as that's usually our most stubborn body part, right ladies?!

Get going!


Somebody slap me on the wrist as I've been a very bad PT.  Bad. In a good way ofcourse.  I've been so good at looking after everyone else I forgot to keep an eye on myself and my own health.  I know I'm not the only person/PT to do this!  You know how it is when you're busy dealing with other people's  health and trying to get them on track you forget to do what you're telling people to do.  In my case, taking supplements.


Hi, I'm Tarsh, I run my own PT business, I teach spin class, I have a husband, 2 children 3yrs and 1yr and I'm a figure contestant.

To say that I have a busy life might be a slight understatement, I fit my clients round my children, my training round my clients and somehow it all works out in the end, the other day I had to do my cardio on the trampoline with my 3yr old and right now I'm writing this while making dinner for tonight (its 9.30am).

Putting my 1yr old to bed and trying to organise/cater/decorate my 3yr olds Angelina Ballerina pink princess party that's in 5 days. EKK! 


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