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authored by Eric Helms, MS, CSCS PNBA Professionally Qualified Bodybuilder

Much of the allure of bodybuilding is that it carries with it a mystique of “gym-lore” that began in the Steve Reeves era, blossomed in the golden era of Arnold and has now been cultivated by the industry into a veritable encyclopedia of tricks, secrets, methods and techniques for both eating and training.

This is exemplified in magazine articles that dramatically discuss chest routines that Arnold followed, dieting techniques that Rich Gaspari used, the hardcore beyond-failure training of the great Dorian Yates, or the elegant and strategic posing of Ed Corney and Frank Zane that allowed them to stand next to giants on equal footing. The back-pages of popular muscle magazines are filled with bodybuilders and gurus discussing these methods with a secretive-fervor that reminds one of kung fu movies, in which the hero bests his opponents by using secret techniques that are named by combining a body part with an obscure animal or stony or rocky material like: “Iron Foot”, “Tiger Fist” or the “Stone Hand Technique”.


Male Bodybuilders Wanted to assist with research into diet and exercise!
Eric, writer of this article is doing research and is looking for male bodyuilders to participate in exciting new research examining the effects of a nutritional intervention on lean body mass, strength and performance during weight loss in strength athletes.

If you are interested and willing to contribute your time and energy, please contact the primary researcher Eric Helms by email at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



How to Hold On to Holiday Health

by Sarah Parr

The Christmas and new year period brings merriment, revelry and fresh resolutions but also can bring with it more challenges to our fitness regimes.

With many of us out of town, travelling or vacationing, it seem more difficult to find time for workouts without spurring on of our usual routines. let's not forget the added challenge of balancing the onslaught of parties and BBQ's that the summer months bring!

So how do we cope with these lifestyle disruptions and come thru the festive period without extra kg's?


Positive Power for Weight-training Women.
By Sarah Parr
Photography: Digitalpix Hawkes Bay

If you’re a woman, no doubt you would remember traversing through teenage hood.-For many young people it’s an awkward time at best, as awareness of the impending adult form intensifies. 
At that time I, like most girls, had become very conscious of how closely (or not) our bodies mirrored the perceived ‘ideal body shape,’ which was of course tall and skinny like the models we saw in every magazine.


After seeing all the pics of the great bodies on Go Figure you've made it your mission to get yourself into tip top shape in 2013.  But how do you actually realise your fitness goals?  Here's some tips to get you started: 
1. Involve family and friends in your plan
Don't underestimate the power of physical and emotional support. The more help you can manage the better your chances of success.


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