Carolyn, Eleanor and Lisa
What a fantastic journey I have been on this year.  As many of us do I too sat around in early January and thought about what I wanted to achieve in 2012.  My goals fell into 3 categories, academic, career and fitness. The one nagging fitness goal I hadn’t yet achieved was to compete in a body-building competition – and into my life came CLM Onehunga and with that Lisa Menzies and Eleanor Stewart.
How lucky was  I to have everything I needed to achieve my fitness goal arrive at my door!!  So I picked a competition – the last one for the year – and set about training.  As a PT myself I had a pretty good idea of how to train, but having a couple of very experienced ladies in my corner was what I needed to achieve my best. 


29 Nov:  Since his last weigh in on 14 Nov, Dave has lost another 4kg and is now down to 79.3kg.  With a week to go before contest he's on track to show some good lines and muscles on stage.

The other great affect of Dave's weight loss has been on his Mum Deb.  Deb has been on the same diet as Dave since 31 October and has lost 3kg of her own!  Her diabetes and cholesterol has gone down and she's got more energy in the gym.

Love to see healthy happy families! 

left: Dave @ 79.3kg

Dave and his Mum Deb


Elly and Lisa
Holy smokes! check out this superstar in the making.  4 weeks in to his 6 week challenge at CLM Onehunga and Nick Preston has lost an amazing 5.7kg already. 

The latest pic doesn't do him justice (blame the photographer lol), Nick's looking lean and we can see his rippling muscles peeking through during his workouts.  
Once again Elly and I teamed up to whip Nick into shape.  Elly gave him the exercise programme and trained him twice a week, while I monitered and changed his diet twice.  Nick is a dream client as he's super focused with his training/cardio and he was meticulous in writing in his food diary and sticking to the plan. 


  OK so a while ago I said I wasn't going to take on any new clients but since Carolyn Vittle was in a bind about 8 weeks out from the NABBA Noth Harbour. And since she asked me so nicely if I could help out with her diet.  I thought ok why not, it'll be fun finding out about a new body to work with.   
Team Carolyn!
  Me and my awesome girls
Carolyn and Janine
Carolyn already had a mean muscly body and perhaps like most driven people just did a little too much.  The key thing was to actually not diet too hard and decrease too many calories, instead exchanging a few carbohydrate sources and getting her to eat at key times during the day.  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure she still found the cleaner eating hard but as you see the diet speaks for itself on her hot bod. 

But it wasn't just me in 'Team Carolyn'.  Eleanor Stewart was the real task master hammering her body into shape in the gym.  So it was a great team effort. 

Well done Carolyn, you've earned your bacon and relish sandwich!!!


12 Nov 10 

22 Feb 11 
You're never too old to get into shape and our Super Gran Moe Tonga is proof!  Moe started on the Superbody programme on 12 Nov 10.

She started with overall conditioning exercises 3 days a week plus cardio 6 days a week to get her fitness levels up.  I haven't taken it easy with Moe, and she wouldn't want it easy either, and I've given her plyometric exercises that alot younger people would find challenging. 

In 8 weeks Moe's lost 8.4kg which is great steady weight loss.  Her body has changed and has dropped 10cm off the waist, 8cm off hips and 7cm off her thigh.

She's just into her third programme where the focus will be on strength which means increasing her weights and decreasing her sets while maintaining her cardio regime.  Watch this space for how much more super Supergran will be!

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