Congratulations to a couple of my clients and all round hot babes Sarah Harris and Jessica Sloane for their awesome effort at the BSN Athletic Model Contest at the NZ Fitness Expo 2014. 

Sarah placed 3rd in a big class of 18, while Jess placed 5 equal also in a big tough class of 17.  You both did a great job and showed commitment right through your pre contest prep so you should be super happy with your weekend's effort.  Thanks for letting me be part of your journeys and hope you both keep up your fitness and clean eating!

Check out more pics below!


I'm really enjoying being back on the battlefield of the gym floor getting my troops fighting fit lately.  One of my troopers is Jess Sloane and she's definitely an action figure.  She represents NZ in long distance water skiing, she's also a zumba instructor and a Personal Trainer.

Her big goal this year was to compete in the BSN Athletic Model Competition at the NZ Fitness Expo in July.  But she needed some accountability and direction as she hadn't competed in a contest before so she chose me to get her there.  And so far so good and Jess has made some good gains!

left: Jess and Lisa aka Soldier and Sargent


PT Lisa and Michelle

With only 5 weeks to her wedding, Michelle just had another fitting for her wedding dress but eeekk the dress did not fit and she was busting out of it in on the wrong places. 

She wanted to look beautiful on her big day but this would be a problem if she couldn't wear her gorgeous gown.

What was she going to do??


Right! said Fred. Back in mid January Fireman Fred McFall decided he wanted to lose weight to get in shape for the fireman's calendar in May. 

At the time he weighed 96.3kg with 20.38% bodyfat with a fat weight of 19.62kg

left: Lisa and Fred


  Juggling an active job crime fighting on NZ's streets while transforming your body is not easy but my client policewoman Suzanne Wecke is a great multi tasker and managing to do both jobs superbly!

One of the gauges of her improvements to fitness has been her ability to chase the baddies over fences!  She didn't use to be able to but now she easily bounds them in a single leap...well not quite but its good imagery right?
Suzanne has made steady progress over the past 3 months dropping from 64-60kg, and from size 12 to an 8. Now she has to wear men's police pants as none of the girls ones fit her.  Go girl!

We're now into her muscle building phase to get her looking lean mean, and the baddies won't even dare run away and make her jump those fences.

Read what Suzanne says here:


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