Lisa and Esther

Esther Cronin, my client for the past 3 months, is one of NZ's Top Models and she has the exciting opportunity of working in New York amongst the world's top models in a few months. 

However, despite her already great athletic figure she was told she needed to drop more size from her booty so she fits into the measurement criteria required by overseas agencies.  

To me, there's nothing wrong with her butt.  Its actually quite athletic and I think she'd do great in the bikini class.  Perhaps I can talk her into doing a comp sometime this year if she's here.

I have certainly learned bodybuilding and modelling have alot more in common than I thought!

Check out the awesome results of her 3 months with me below.


Nationals Result
All the hardwork and discipline paid off for Heidi as she turned out great for the NZIFBB Nationals where she won the Open Figure Short.

Left Pic shows Heidi the night before the contest looking very lean and ripped, a little too much so for the NZIFBB so we smoothed her out for the show the next day. 

The off season focus for her now will be building over thickness without gaining too much fat in the process.


" Over the last few weeks Lisa has been fantastic not just because of the diet/training plans I've been given but she is so easy to chat to and let her know when you are struggling or having a teary day and want to quit - thanks Lisa I so appreciate the fact you said you would help me reach my dreams and goals x" Read More

Sarah Mitchell
" I started Lisa's 8 week challenge and proceeded to eat clean, exercise and drop over 5Kg's. It literally changed my whole attitude to life, gave me heaps of energy and made me fit my old 09 clothes! Even the no alcohol, no morning latte was a piece of.... Um.... cake?! I felt virtuous and was enjoying a clear head (once the caffeine detox headaches stopped!)" Read more

Penne Clayton
" I have been training with Lisa for 6 months after never working out with a personal trainer before.  I was used to exercise but not being pushed by someone else.  I found Lisa's energy and determination to get me in shape was enough for me to abide by her rules and kick into action. 

I was very appreciative of Lisa's honesty when she told me I was a skinny fat person and that was enough for me to make the effort that has been life changing for me.  After surrendering from my cheese and chocolate addiction,  I am now training at a level that I never thought possible and am in the best shape of my life.  You have been amazing Lisa so thank you." Nat Hammond, Jan 09 Read More

Read More Testimonials Here

 Jill Clark  Dawne Foenander  Kirstine Nelson  Ivy Purkiss


Just want to welcome Linley Armour, our newest supergirl in the making.  Linley has had to overcome a few personal issues recently but now she's ready to invest time into herself so she can look hot by her birthday in September.  Not only that, she has the goal of competing by the end of the year too.

Linley will be the first to admit she has a long way to go but she's already achieved the first step by getting her nutrition and training programme from me.  
So no more chips, biscuits or toast for brekky for this lean figure in the making.  Its oats/egg whites, complex carbs and protein balance for Linley from now on.  Plus a good dose of cardio is the first step in her battle plan.  

She's now armed and dangerous! I'll keep you posted on Linley's progress.  Go Linley!

Lisa, Go Figure
11 Jan 12

p.s if you're ready to do battle with your body, email me asap! This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Fred, Dave, Carolyn and Lisa

Congratulations to my superboys and girl, Fred McFall, Dave Ah Kuoi and Carolyn Vittle on reaching their goal of competing at the CLM bodybuilding comp on 3 Dec.

I planned Fred and Dave's diet plan as part of their 6 week CLM bodybuilding bootcamp and in an amazing coincedence both lost 7.6kg each!  Carolyn had the equally hard road of maintaining her weight and condition for 6 weeks after competing at the NABBA North Harbour comp in October. But as you can see we did it and she looked great on the night.    
Hopefully this will be a starting point for the boys and they'll continue to have a competition goal next year.  It'll be a mission trying to keep Carolyn off the stage now she has the bug lol.

Great working with you guys!
Lisa, Go Figure
12 Dec 11


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