In her early 20s, Ashleigh came to me beginning of the year wanting my help to get her into contest shape as she wanted do a bodybuilding show.

I didn't want her to fall into the trap of all the wrong things she could do as she goes into her first me when I was in my early 20s! Looking back, I was so silly. Going super low cals and training too much, which probably contributed to my metabolism and hormone issues today. And I didn't want her to start on that rollercoaster.


In 3 intensive weeks of weight training executive assistant Glenys Presnall lost 4kg, 5% bodyfat and 4kg of fat while gaining 1kg of lean mass.


Feel like such a proud but sad Mumma today. My super girl Becs Hildyard is flying away to Wellington. Becs is just a slight wee thing and an accountant. Nothing wrong with being an accountant but I wondered did she really have the right stuff to hit in the gym. And yes she does!  
Since January I've watched her muscles grow. Her efforts in the gym have been outstanding and it showed with over a kg muscle gain while loosing fat. And she has some pretty mean guns to show for it!!

Here Becs writes why she came to me in the first place:


After a chance meeting one day at my local park where I saw this trio of babes trying to figure out what to do at various execise stations. And I subsequently put them through an impromptu bootcamp.  We've caught up again!

I don't just help out anyone for free but I saw that these girls - Ruane, Lesina and Alana - really wanted to improve their health and fitness so I thought I would step in and give them a structured plan. 

When I was at uni, I had no idea about nutrition and lived mostly on 2 minute noodles!  so I wanted to get these girls (who all live together in the same house, hence flatcamp) off on a healthier foot so they have a basic understand of food and exercise for life.


You may remember my client Esther from this story I did of our transformation journey 'Making a Top Model Super' from 2013.

Since then she's been on various modelling assignments with a recent stint in Spain where she had to get quite skinny for the local agency.

Esther and Lisa

I was shocked to find how little food she survived on.  Sure she lost the weight but I think she could have done damage to her metabolism in the long term, similar to what happens to athletes who've competed in bodybuilding shows.


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