This dumbell exercise is great to finish off your shoulder routine.  You don't need a heavy weight, a light 3-4kg is plenty to give you the challenge you need to work the lateral and front deltoids.

Check out the video below on how to perform it.  Beautifully demonstrated by Go Figure client Sarah Harris.


This is an exercise that combines chest, core and glute workout suitable for the beginner.



This is an exercise you can do anywhere where there's a wall on bench as part of your bodyweight circuit
1. Start with your feet high on the wall with arms wide to work the chest.  Bring hands closer to your chest if you want to work your triceps.
2. Slowly take your elbows to the side and bring your head to the floor in a controlled matter.



This set of lunges will make your butt and quads burn like never before!
1. Start by lunging your right leg forward
2. Next, lunge your right leg to the side to do a squat
3. Then with the same leg, lunge backwards
Repeat for 10 reps. Then do the same with your left leg for 3 sets each.

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