Spicy Turkey Pasta
by Sarah Tan at Petite Punch

Serves 2


1 packet Go Figure Spaghetti
300g lean mince turkey
1/4 cup cooked spinach
1 small red pepper, diced
1/2 small red onion, diced
2 garlic cloves, minced
2 tbsp tomato paste
2 tbsp McCormick sweet Cajun Chicken spice mix (this makes it quite spicy)


  Blueberry Protein Crepes - by Amanda Fourbister, Nutritionist

3 Serves
Per Serve Kcals: 110, Protein (g): 13.01, Total Fat (g): 3 (SAT 0.7g, MUFA 1.2g, PUFA 0.7g) Carbohydrates (g): 7 (Sugar: 6.4g,
Dietary Fibre 0.5g), Sodium (mg): 70.9.


Sarah shows that
abs are made in
the kitchen!

Low-Carb Dieting Solutions by Sarah Parr

As competition dates roll ever closer, it's that time of the year when bodybuilders far and wide find themselves chewing through predictable plate-loads of vegetables with some form of bland protein alongside.

Although it's possible to find recipes for meals that are both interesting and diet-friendly, often they require laborious preparation or an excessive number of (often expensive) ingredients.

Below are a few very easy, delicious and economical  recipes I've used at home that are all low-carb, high protein and ridiculously easy to cook- try them out for yourself and enjoy!


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