alt Have you seen Vitamin Gum around at your health food or supplement shop?  I saw it and thought ofcourse I have to give it a try but very sceptical in doing so as how can we possibly get vitamins from chewing gum. Go Figure!   
So with my mouth ready to refreshed (and injected by health giving vitamins) I gave all the flavours of Vitamin Gum a try, which include spearmint, peppermint and grape.  Not all at once ofcourse as that would give me a gutache.  Spearmint was the strongest of the flavours and the longest lasting of the 3.  Peppermint was refreshing too. Grape was nice and a little sweet, perfect for after dinner.

While the flavours are fine, it would be hard on the digestive system to chew the whole packet in one day to get all the recommended vitamin daily intake like the packet suggests.

At $3 a packet this is quite expensive compared to the normal $2.50 of wrigleys or other brands from the local dairy.

So as a fun product Vitamin Gum is fine but we suggest not to rely on it for your vitamins, rather get your vitamins from a good balanced diet and use the gum to chew after your meals to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Lisa, Go Figure
January 2012
  Over the holidays I had the chance to try the Pre Workout 'Purple Wraath' from Controlled Labs.  I must say the name did scare me a little as I was imagining a full on head rage coming on from the first sip.

As I'm trying to get over my adrenal fatigue, I didn't need to take anything that was going to give me too much adrenal stimulation so ideally I shouldn't take anything. But how could I decline a present as that would be rude wouldn't it.
On to the trial.  To my surprise, the formula didn't give me the headache or give me that anxious increased heart rate feeling I thought was coming so that's a great start. 

Instead Purple Wrath relies on the arginine and beta alanine in its formula to give you that nice tingly pumped feeling as you get in the middle of your workout.  I felt good sustained energy and a good pump.  I like the fact that it doesn't have the thermos like green tea, caffeine, citrus aurantium as this would just work my adreanal glands too much.  Incorporating a good amount of BCAA's, Purple Wraath gives you the aminos you need for recovery too. 

The purple lemonade flavour was great, not too sweet.  It doesn't contain any dextrose, maltodextrose or sucralose which is another added bonus as these usually adds to the crash after my training.

Overall I thought this pre workout was good as it doesn't stimulate you too much or give you that crash after training.  Purple wraath provided enough kick to get you going and the aminos needed to give the muscles the nutrients it needs straight after training.

Lisa, Go Figure
January 2012

WINNERS! 1 of 12 Musashi P10 and P20 Low Carb Sample Packs!
11-Musashi-P-10 Bar_Caramel 11-Musashi-P-Range_SrawbCream_Bar

P10 & P20 Bars are the NEW Low Carb bars by Musashi! 

MUSASHI P10 Low Carb ProteinBars come in 3 indulgent flavours: Caramel Peanut, Cherry Coconut and Mint Crisp. 

Musashi P10 provides 10g of high quality protein in an indulgent chocolate-coated bar with smooth
flowing caramel. A low carb treat for guilt-free snacking.

MUSASHI P20 flavours are Double Chocolate and Strawberries & Cream. They provide 20g of high quality protein in a delicious tasting bar.

High in protein and low in carbs, P20 is the perfect post-training snack to support muscle recovery, or for use as a convenient protein snack when you’re on-the-run.

Thank you to almost 80 people who entered our Musashi competition.  Unfortunately we only have 12 packs to giveaway.  But forturnate for the 12 people who'll be tasting some delicious new bars from Musashi!

                             The Lucky winners are:
Kirsten Thrush, Aaron Young, Vanessa Bartley, Alastair Patterson, Rowhan Kelly, Sheree Cooney, Ali Gascoine, Rachelle Vincent, Robin Vis, Blair Tomlinson, Michelle Laurin, Lance Edmonds.

Congratulations to all and I hope we'll get some reviews in return!


P10 Mint Crisp.  Mmmm very minty bar with nice crunchy bits of chocolate mixed into the top layer.  Sweet without being sickly.

P20 Double Chocolate.  Nice chocolate flavour without being overly sweet or too much chocolate.  Bar was nice and soft and easy to chew, and no sticky bits that get stuck in your teeth.  Had this bar at afternoon tea and it tide me over till dinner time so quite satisfying.

P20 Strawberry and Cream.  This bar was a little too sweet for me but people with sweet tooth will love it.  Nice strawberry flavour and once again easy to bite into and chew. 

  Cytomax Monster Pump
Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy

Have you tried either of these products?
let us know how you felt on them on our facebook page


11-Raechelle-DVD GraphicsSite


Winners of the 'Raechelle Chase Training DVD and Underground Muscle mTOR Protein prizes' are Miranda Young and Holly Nahu.

Thank you to everyone who entered our contest. We'll have another contest soon.

Click above pic to
watch Raechelle's
DVD trailer.

  11-Topmark-Amino-Energy-Fruit-Fusion YAY! Received another exciting little parcel on my door step once again. Ripped it open to find ‘Optimum Nutritions, Essential Amino Energy, anytime Energy + pump + recovery’ Fruit Fusion Flavour drink. YUM! (thats a mouth full to say, Haha.) 
So, I poured it into my drink bottle and headed straight off to a night training session, and drunk it on my way to the gym. Half way through my workout I noticed a great deal of extra mental focus, and it really helped me to get into it and to push that extra rep out, it was a great training session.

After I noticed I was still super focused and kinda couldn’t stop talking...tad bit ADD. Typical Blonde moment, I didn’t read the instructions and little did I know I had just had 2 serves, haha. This explained the lack of sleep and my motor mouth going off all night.

Anyway, It mixed well with water and has gota be the best tasting energy boost product i’ve had to date! Definately gave me extra mental focus in my training and has a good amount of your Amino Acids in there too, which is great for feeding your well worked bodies.  

Best to have this during the day, for morning ‘pick me ups’ and as a pre-work out. I found it great for that extra mental focus, and that was with one serve too, haha. Note to self...Read instructions, and don’t have double serves...haha. 

Happy Training 
Claire Rose :) 

11 April 11

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