Whole water is yet another brand of water launched into the already saturated water market ( ha ha saturated) by fonterra. The key selling point that separates Whole to other water is that it contains protein. Only 5g mind you. 

To you and me, we probably get plenty of protein from other sources so the extra 5g isn't going to make much difference to our satiety and probably not going to 'bridge the gap' to the next meal too much compared to someone who doesn't have much protein in their diet. So to the normal person who isn't as conscious about their diet, this water might help them get that extra 5g protein per day.
Tastewise I tried the Tangerine and Berry flavours. The fact that water has a flavour is quite strange in it self! I prefer my water straight without additives. The tangerine and berry did have quite a refreshing fruity flavour. Once I started drinking a couple of mouthfuls I did want more. This is probably due to the fact that there was 1/2 teaspoon of sugar in each bottle and the sugar taste just wanted me to have more sugar. 

So I guess if you drank the whole bottle it would probably make you feel full not due to the fibre this water has - which is the same as a banana. Actually you're probably better off having a banana and a glass of water as that would make you feel more full!

You may still be able to register to get your FREE Wholewater.  Go to www.wholewater.co.nz and trial it for yourself!

Lisa, Go Figure
24 March 09

"Well, the flavour is different. I don't know if I would want to drink it too often for too long. It is nice for a change from the 'usual taste of protein powder'. The one way I have found it very enjoyable is made with chilled water and poured over ice on a hot day. Next time I may even try a slice of lemon and a small umbrella, this is beginning to sound like a cocktail suitable for a bodybuilder!
I am looking forward to trying it blended with fruit and ice.

So, maybe not so bad after all for a change from the traditional powders."
15 Jan 09

"I was lucky enough to try the new Balance Summer Protein recently. I wasn't sure what to expect as I don't normally go for the tropical type flavours when it comes to protein. It really does taste like the Raro type orange drinks you used to drink as a kid, so if you enjoy that, you'll love this protein! I don't really have much of a sweet tooth, so have never really been into drinking juice - I'd much rather have water, but the new Summer protein was a nice temporary change from the more traditional chocolate flavours I'm used to.

It mixed really well and was refreshing post-workout. Consistency was pretty thin, just like juice. I enjoy my shakes a bit more creamy, but this was certainly easy to get down. Definitely worth a try to mix things up a bit!"
Kirstine, 3 Jan 09



08-BalanceMuscle2Go3  Fuel 2GO 60gm - Protein and Energy Bar - ideal as a snack or prior to and after training.  Added BCAA and Glutamine (1g) for muscle recovery and Grapeseed extract as this is 10x more powerful than vit c as an antioxidant  21g protein, 20g of carb.Flavours include: Double choc, blackforest and banana smoothie.

Muscle 2GO 90g - High protein hit bar - ideal for those wishing to gain lean muscle growth - 35g of protein and low carb (8.1g) and fat  (5.9g) - added creatine (1g) and glutamine (1g) for energy and muscle recovery. Great Big Snack for those serious about quality protein consumption. Flavours include: Choc Max, Toffee Fudge and Tropical Banana.
How much? The fuel2go bar will retail for $4.50 per bar while Muscle2go for $5.50 and available at usual outlets where you buy your Balance products.



  The 4-6 weeks period after competing in a bodybuilding comp is the best time to go hard with your training as your body gets the surge of nutrients in your body, and you're all motivated to get big after your comp.  So with my new re energized enthusiasm for training again I'm all go for the gym and with that thought I'd trial some different muscle building supplements to see what kind of effects it would have in my initial return to gym.
My usual supplement regime is taking the Balance 100% Beta Alanine before workouts and the Balance WPI and Recovery Stack after workouts.  I know how these supplements feel and the recovery rate I get from them so that's the standard I'll judge other supplements to.

Knowing how much I love to trial new products, the lovely people who distribute iSatori and PVL products sent me some iSatori Morph GXR-3 and PVL Leuci-bolic for me to have a go before and after training. So I thought how could I refuse!

Day 1: Morph GXR-3 and Balance Beta Alanine. I'd already had a couple of training sessions before I trialled the Morph so that I could judge what taking Morph was like on a training day - compared to how my muscles felt without it.  I thought since I was going to go hard with training, I may as well go hard with the supplements and combined it with the Beta Alanine to give me a full on experience.  The literature on Morph is that it's a ‘time activated muscle builder' and offers a 3 stage delivery system.  The ingredients of Morph include Beta Alanine, L-histidine, Aspartic acid, Niacin and a mix of Glyceryl monostearate, L arginine and L-Malate to help reduce fatigue during training, increase the pump in your muscle and increase protein synthesis when you take your after training supplements. 


  I was given a can of Wonder Cocoa to trial recently, just the name Wonder Cocoa sounds delicious so I was eager to taste it as I love chocolate. This is pure unadulterated cocoa and its 99.7% caffeine free, fat free and cholesterol free. Opening the can immediately it smells like chocolate so I was looking forward to mixing up as a drink to curb my choc cravings - which I do get from time to time.

I have tried those chocolate Jarrah drinks but I find it has too many fillers in it and it made me feel too hyped up in the evening.  So I was on the look out for a chocolate fix without the hype.  I've tried the bournville cocoa but tasted powdery and has too much sugar!.



Just when you thought Chop Chop! chicken couldn't get any better.  Chop Chop! have grought out new delish Lite Mayo flavours to spice up your snacks and lunches even more.

Their new tasty flavours include: Chicken shredded with mustard. Chicken with chilli. Chicken with sundried tomato. Chicken with cracked pepper. 

The average protein content of their 85g cans is 15g which is plenty protein for your morning or afternoon snack.


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