Balance have introduced VANILLA LATTE as the NEW HOT summer flavour to their already great tasting range of Ultra Ripped Protein formulas. It is a protein formula which combines the highest quality protein isolate with fat burning ingredients to give you a great tasting shake that enhances your protein intake while helping to mobilise fat stores.

 Balance Ultraripped Reviews!


  I'd been a fan of the Australian Men's Health for a while and have bought many over the years.  What I liked about it is that it gives straight to the point stories on fitness and health. There's no mucking around being all 'PC' when it comes to talking about how to exercise, the body or sexual issues for that matter. 

So when I saw that NZ Women's Health was going to hit NZ, I thought they had quite a high standard to live up to.  There's already heaps of women's fitness mags on the market so this one had to be exceptional and follow in the big footsteps of the men's health.
I think this magazine has lived up to expectations I had. Its full of useful articles and exercise instructions. It talks frankly about women's issues and most of all it doesn't get all airy fairy with 'wholistic' health which many women's mags has these days. We just want to see some hardcore fitness tips and advice don't we girls?!!  so I think this mag hits the mark for delivering matter of fact articles on women's health and fitness. Check it out!

Lisa, Go Figure
p.s I particularly like their inside back cover as it features 'Go Figure'!  well not us, but a page full of facts and figures about exercise and calories burned.

Chocolite Mousse Indulgence is a NEW high protein, low fat and low sugar dessert recently brought out by Chocolite Foods and sold by miadasport.  The yummy flavours include chocolate, caramel and strawberry. The dessert contains quality fast and slow release proteins, milk and small amounts of soy lecithin. May contain traces of wheat. Contains no wheat protein or gluten. There's also no hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated (bad) fats or oils or aspartame.

There are 7 sachets per pack, each making 2 serves. Per 100ml, each dessert sachet contains 11.8g protein, 6.6g carbohydrate and 0.6g fat. 

" I had the strawberry and it really tasted like the dairymaid strawberry dessert and not like a lite dessert at all. Very nice, thanks!" Kevin

" Hi,
Just been reading mousse reviews. I just used a little whisk and it thickened up in no time, way easier than anything else and less mess. I think it would taste too sweet with added powder  as I thought it was sweet anyway, but maybe that's cos I don't have anything with sugar in it at moment,  might try one day just to confirm!!" Jill

"Mmm the mousse was delish and just like the real thing but with less calories!" Tracy

" I mixed in some protein powder with the mousse to see if it would set and it did. It came out quite thick and tasted like a thick protein shake, yum" Karen

"It was very easy to make, all u had to do was add the sachet to 100ml of milk and put it in a mixer.  Half way thru mixing  just a quick scrape of powder off the bowl and mix again for a couple of minutes and that's it.  The consistency was smooth, not too running and was similar to the protein shake consistency.  You leave it in the fridge for an hour and it turns into a mousse which tasted very light and yummy.  Did I mention it was yummy???"  Natalie
  I went to a fascinating documentary in the weekend (20 July) called "Bigger, Stronger, Faster - the side effect of being American". I was told at last minute about this movie which was shown as part of the Auckland Film Festival. If I'd known earlier I'd definitely have told you about it as I'm sure all you bodybuliders out there would've loved it. 

Actually you probably don't need to be a bodybuilder as this documentary was really an eye opener into the sub culture of steroid use in America, and indeed the whole American culture of winning at all costs.
The documentary is told by Christopher Bell, a wannabe bodybuilder, who had ambitions of being big and strong just like his heroes Stallone, Schwarzenneger and Hulk Hogan - you see plenty of footage of these guys in the movie.

Chris also has 2 brothers who had dreams of following their heros' footsteps to be big and famous. One brother is still clinging to his ambition of being the next big name Pro Wrestler and the other brother is a powerlifter and all he wants do is lift heavy.


The Ultimate Recovery Stack is a new recovery supplement from Balance. Its designed to be jampacked full of nutrients which aims to enhance recovery after intense training sessions so you can train harder at your next workout. 

The Ultimate recovery stack contains: Creatine, Beta Alanine, Glutamine, BCAAs, HMB, Taurine, Grapeseed extract, Magnesium and a range of vitamins and minerals to help enhance absorption. A detailed breakdown of the ingredients is outlined at bottom of page.

We chose 10 trialists to use the Ultimate Recovery Stack as part of their training and supplement regime, and here's their findings:

Lisa, Go Figure  Well its been a month of consistant training and with the help of the Balance Ultimate Recovery Stack taken after training, my recovery has been fantastic!  I'm sure I'm not the only one to experience an increased recovery rate as others on this trial have experienced similar results to me.  Usually I'd be too knacked to do any serious cardio in the afternoon but since the infusion of the Balance recovery formula into my supplement regime I've actually been enthusiastic about cardio and managing to do at least 45min most days.  Very good for me!  Not only has my energy levels increased for cardio but my ability to train hard the next day has improved too. Although I'm slightly tender the next day, my energy's still good to go hard during training the next day.  My recovery rate in between sets have been good so I'm more inclined to put weight on the bar and so I have gotten stronger during this month. 



Thank you for the opportunity to trail the Purple K. Well to be honest at first it made me feel quite sick and gave me a spewing feeling; however I was using hot rocks at the same time and taking both prior to my workouts. So I quickly put an end to that stack. So now onto the good news, I really felt an increase in strength in a short period and my workout intensity increased at the same time. (Example of strength increase DB Bench Press week 1 struggled with 62.5kgs, week 2 6 reps same weight no spotter) And finally I managed to get a real good pump in the gym which hasn’t happened for a long time. I do believe it is still too early to attribute all the increases to Purple K as I had changed my diet and was more focused in the gym. However I think there is some merit in the Purple K creatine. One huge positive was no loading and the creatine being in pill form which was real easy to take.
Donovan Bickford

This is my first time trying Creatine. From my experience, I used this product for about two weeks and found that I had more energy to push out extra reps and energy was amazing. My workouts felt like my strength had improved in such a short time. This product is convenient to use as it comes in capsule form and no pre loading is required as other creatine products.

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