Musashi Reviews by Claire Torr

I was so excited to try out the new Musashi SLM protein powder range, i had just run out of my protein powder and anything FREE taste's that much sweeter right, haha.

The three types, high protein formula, fat metabolising formula, and meal replacement formula all mixed well with water, with no Lumps which is always a good thing.

Nothing worse than drinking back dry balls of protein in your shake. 


FREE! Pharma Shred Trial Pack Here

As we are giving you the opportunity to score your own Pharma Shred Trial, I thought I would first give the product a 10 day trial of this new product to see what it feltlike.

I began the trial on 3 Jan 10 starting with just 2 capsules. The instructions recommend 2 capsules each time but thought I'd just take it easy as don't want to get too overloaded. So I start with just one before cardio and one before lunch.  Traditionally I don't have much luck with these fat burners/thermos as they give me tremendous heaches so I'm definitely putting my head and body on the line for our special Go Figure viewers!

After taking 2 already today, I feel good.  By now I'd have a great big headache, feel hyped up and anxious but so far I feel a nice warm buzz and I don't feel very hungry.  So a good start.    
Like incorporating any new fat burning/thermogenic supplement, you should also have a good clean diet and exercise regime to help move things along as no one pill is going to help you lose weight.  Hence I am going back on my clean eating and ditching the sauces that have somehow snuck up onto my diet.  I have also started back on my morning cardio regime which I aim to keep up for at least 2 weeks!

Day 2:  About 1.5hr after taking my first capsule today I felt my body feeling quite hot. OK sure, the weather's hot too which could be what's making me feel hot.  But pretty sure the capsule is raising my body temperature and the general tingliness is continuing.  Really noticing that I'm not feeling too hungry in the afternoons. I usually get quite peckish after my afternoon tea which is usually a shake and fruit, and find I need somthing around 5pm.  But the past couple of days I haven't needed anything extra to fill in the gap.  I'm also waiting for the headache to kick in! so far so good and I can still sleep.

Day 3: Body felt hot all day and had good energy for my afternoon walk.  Still felt my body buzzing well into the evening but luckily I didn't get the headache that usually goes with it.  Feeling brave so will increase my intake tomorrow.  Hopefully it won't send me over the edge!

Day 4: Took the plunge today and took 2 pharma shred capsules before my cardio this morning.  Forever the cautious girl that I am, I was expecting the worst effects like a thumping headache, over anxiety and just too much energy to burn.  Well I did have good energy and got super hot during my chest, shoulder, tri workout but I'm glad to say I didn't get the anxiety and headache.  I only took 1 before lunch as I wasn't feeling that brave. 

Although I missed my snack as I was bit busy with clients, I wasn't feeling too hungry so I guess the pharma shred has worked in suppressing my appetite.  But I know I'll pay for it tomorrow when I'll wake up hungry due to my metabolism being boosted and also having to make up for my 'lost' meal!

Day 5 and 6: Continued with 2 Pharma Shred in morning and 1 before lunch.  Still feeling a nice buzz well into the evening adding to the already hot temperature.  Think will boost up to 2 before lunch tomorrow and see what happens next!

Day 7: Feeling brave and took 2 Pharma Shred before lunch as well as 2 before breakfast and it really boosted me through the afternoon.  As well as feeling hotter, it gave me the extra energy to walk around Mt Eden another time around.  Trix didn't really enjoy as she was getting naturally hot in the sun, but thought I'd extend my walk as I felt I had the extra energy.

Day 8: The 2nd day of 4 capsules almost pushed me to the edge with a headache.  I got really hot mid evening and felt a little headache set in so started drinking alot of water just incase I was dehydrated.  The capsules still worked for energy and suppressing my appetite during the day though and didn't get the jitters eventhough I took the recommended dosage.

Day 9: 4 capsules a day was a little too much for me so cut it back to 3 capsules and the headache has gone.

Day 10: As I'm off on holiday in the next few days, thought I'd stop the trial to see what happens when I take the capsules out of my day.  Usually when I go off a thermo/fat burner such as this I'd get a headache.  I know, I get a headache going on AND off a product - sensitive girl that I am!  Today has been good and no signs of head numbness or lack of energy.  My body is still feeling a 'buzz' and knows something is still working in there.

Day 11 and 12: Since coming off the Pharma Shred I'm certainly feeling alot hungrier in the afternoon.  I haven't changed my diet or eaten any less than I normally do, so the only thing that could affect my hunger is the Pharma Shred.  I've had to reach for the almonds around 5pm to tie me over till dinner time.  Other than that, no headache has set in and my body's going back to the pre pharma shred feeling.

Thought Pharma Shred was a good appetite suppressant/thermogenic product that may enhance fat loss. It places itself along side 'Ripped Freak', but unlike Ripped Freak personally Pharma Shred didn't give me the headache or the 'jitters'. 

Instead the Pharma Shred provided a more mellower feel and my body coped with the effects of raised metabolism a little bit better. Granted I should've been on the product longer than 10 days and done more cardio with the product if I wanted to experience what kind of fat loss I could achieve, so I couldn't say how effective the product could be in weight loss. 

However, I found Pharma Shred great for appetite suppressant which could help dieters in their stricter eating plan and therefore better fat loss could be achieved.

Why don't you give the Pharma Shred a go and trial it for yourself by Clicking Here for the FREE Trial Pack
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Lisa and Kristian
MusclePlus is a new innovative business which offers a one stop shop for athletes who require healthy 'ready to go meals' combined with the backup of nutrition professionals.  
Kristian Bray puts the Muscle in the MusclePlus team. Many of you will be familiar with Kristian for his marathon efforts on the bodybuilding stage this year having competed in 13 shows.  Kristian knows the  importance of eating well to grow muscle so his role as Business Development Manager at MusclePlus is perfect for him to combine food, bodybuliding and career. Lucky guy!

MusclePlus could be ideal for you if you're lacking in direction with your nutrition regime.  As a one stop shop, MusclePlus can provide you with nutrition consultants, dietary analysis and convenient healthy ready to go meals that give you the energy you need to eat, train and grow.

10-Muscle Plus PosterSite
Gymstick for Pilates

Gymstick grows @ GetActive!

The Gymstick range of exercise equipment just keeps growing and growing. 
Collette and Craig,
Gymstick Officianados

And what you can do with the original gymstick just keeps expanding too as seen at the GetNZ Active conference in the weekend. The conference brings together leading lectures in the fitness industry and fitness professional who are on the lookout for new ideas to help inspire their own clients.  Gymstick presented a pilates class which added a new dimension for use of gymstick as a weight training instrument. 
  And by all accounts, all those who attended found the gymstick a useful tool to help keep focus on core development. 

left: Stacey and Lisa feeding our brains
Other equipment range in the gymstick brand include gymstick bands for chairs which is ideal for the elderly, and rollers and bands to help further core development.  You can find out more about gymstick by going to their website here 



Winners Matrix 7 !

 10-Balance0-SmlMatrix 7 Sample Chocolate 

 10-Balance0-SmlMatrix 7 Sample Vanilla

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Balance Mass Gainer
Scott Mayhew
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Marty Niao
Ben Richardson
Stefanie Kennedy
Lee West
Francis Erickson

Matrix 7
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