CLA or CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is not a new product but its certainly been a new addition to my supplement regime to help enhance my fat loss goals for 2013.

Along with Protein Powder and BCAAs, I'd definitely recommend CLA as a staple in your diet regime as CLA can help accelerate your metabolism and channel fat stores to be used as an energy source. After a couple of weeks on CLA I found its helped me have a little more energy in the gym - and in general daily life. With more energy, I've been able to lift more and hopefully this will mean muscle growth!


You know that time after dinner.  Your belly's full but you have that little sugar craving that you need satisfying but not quite ready for your (healthy) dessert just yet.

Well Optimum Nutrition have have come to the rescue with Amino Chewables. The answer to your sugar craving and stop you researching for more food or the dredded chocolate or icecream.


Alot of girls have been raving to me about these BSc Lo Carb bites.  I wanted to know what the fuss was about so I thought I would give them a go and I must say I'll be one of the ravers too.

These 'Ferro Rocher' like balls are delicious with their crunchy outer layer and a chewy centre.  Just seems too delicious to be low cals but they are.

Each packet contains 5 balls which total 20.4 gram protein, 3 g carb and 7.2g fat.  The only problem I have with this packet is that it just disappeared too fast.  Perhaps that's a good thing.  Since this is an in between snack we shouldn't have too many anyway and the portions in the packet are perfect to fill in the gap.

Lisa, Go Figure
June 2012


 alt Move over Amino Energy, Monster Pump, Super Pump and all the other pre workout formulas out there.  There's a new pre workout in town and its name is Beet It.  Made from beetroot!

Yes I know, stange but true. While checking out the local supplement store, as you do, I saw this Beet It in the Pre workout section and I thought they must've filed it on the wrong shelf.  But it was on the right shelf and Beet It is a marketed as the first organic stamina shot. 

So ofcourse I had to try it.  I don't mind abit of beetroot but wasn't sure what the taste was going to be like as its concentrated into a 25ml bottle.   More importantly was it going to work and was I going to feel the buzz like I do with other pre workouts I've tried.



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alt alt alt




I trialled the PWR ultra concentrate pre workout  formula on the one of 2 days I allow myself the sweet delight of a preworkout drink prior to training.

The blue raspberry flavour tasted great, a little sweet than I like it but wasn't sweet and sickly or chemical tasting. 

About 20min into my chest workout I felt the tingles from Beta Alanine (1600mg) in the formula kicking in, the focus of the caffeine (300mg) helped too but the formula wasn't so high that it made me feel anxious.
During the training I felt quite pumped (probably from the 500mg arginine) and felt I had lots of energy, so much so that I even managed at 70kg x 8 reps barbell bench press!

I didn't experience a crash after the workout, instead I felt my metabolism was still raised about 3-4 hours after training.  Overall I thought the PWR is a good product and could help you give you that extra energy and edge during your workout.

Lisa, Go Figure
13 February 2012

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