Exercise of the Week: Legs

Frog Squats with Split Lunges

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Chest dips between chairs Kneeling incline cable flyes
Plank with dumbell row

Decline pushups

Plymetric bench press

Swissball cable flyes
Side to side box pushups
Cable press and lunge
Dumbell Press with Twist

Swissball Jacknives 
Medicine Ball Pushups

Spiderman Pushups
Decline Pushups
Partner pushes


 Barbell power clean  Standing rope pulldowns  Kneeling lat pulldown
Incline Dumbell Rows
Back and Biceps
Horizontal cable row
One arm cable row
Standing low cable row
Reverse hyperextensions
Alternate DB rows
Cable Squat Row
Pull up for beginners
Standing Lat Pulldown
Alternate DB pullover
Dumbell Squat and Pull


Reverse dumbell round the worlds
Front barbell raise and
shoulder press
Front barbell extension One arm barbell lunge and row
Alternate Barbell Press Barbell Power Press Lateral and front dumbell raises
Lunge with dumbell front raise
Standing rope rows
Side lunge with DB upright row
Dumbell Squat and Press
Rear lunge with dumbell raises

Static dumbell shoulder with curtzee lunges
1 arm Dumbell pull and press
Lying down rear lateral raises
Squat and round the worlds
Dumbell Push Press
Dumbell Lunge Press

Round the Worlds 
Alternate Barbell Press
Incline Dumbell Lat raise
Alternate Front and Lat raise
Barbell curl and Press
Dumbell lateral raise
with front dumbell


Bentover Barbell Tricep
Closehands pushups

Lying down cable extension 

Spider Crawls 
Bodyweight Tricep Ext
EZ bar pullover and press
Incline tricep kickback


Side to side step with

Split lunges holding barbell Total Body Workout Curtzee lunges over step

1 leg explosive step up Cable Sumo Squats +
Deadlift superset
Cable curtzee lunges
Glutes with dumbell
Clock Lunges

Frog Squats with Split Lunges

Dumbell side lunge
with shoulder press
Superset: 1 leg deadlift
and lunge
Chair squat with medicine ball
 Sample Image
Rear dumbell lunge with bicep curl
Rear Step Down Lunges
Legs/Abs partner exercise
Box jumps
One legged bridges
Swissball butt blaster
Legs and Shoulders
Butt blaster
Side to side jump lunges
Lunge and Shoulder press
One legged side step up
Step Through
Lower leg raises with Swissball
One legged cable deadlift
Jump Squats
Swissball Static plank
Smith machine lunge
Sissy Squats
Side to side box lunges
Side Step Ups
Swiss ball rollouts
One legged deadlift
Abs and Biceps

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