Aaah don't you just love the full belly feeling? its been a week since my comp and enjoying the many fruits of my hard labour.  I've put on 3kg (now 53kg) since contest day which has been from putting back sodium, water and carbs back into my body so I'm not too worried about the extra weight gain, which I knew was going to come! I'm still eating fish, meat and chicken but now I can add taste to it which I've missed while dieting. 

I've enjoyed the extra treats like hummus on rice wafers instead of plain. And sushi (which I haven't had for 6 months!), And yes ladies Sushi is a treat as it contains white rice and some places use mayonaise in their rolls.  Plus there's not enough protein in the sushi as the salmon or tuna content in the roll is miniscule so I end up having a protein shake with it. 

Loving putting back soy sauce and using curry paste in my food again although it does reflect in my 'panda eyes', ie my eyes go all puffy and I sneeze alot from my allergies.  But I don't care!!!  I don't need to look oh so glamourous now so time to let it all hang out. 

Well actually not quite. As I do have some goals for next year. 

But first lets look at this year and let me fill you in on what I learned about myself on this shape changing journey:


  Ta da! well did you recognise me?!!!  thought I'd go all out and get all girlified and blinged out for the NABBA North Harbour. As I said in my last update, its all or nothing!

Nobody recognised me or at least they had to do a double take - which was the effect I wanted.  It was basically like wearing camouflage, even my clients didn't recognise the sexy new 'model'.



Hello! yes I'm still going ahead with my Shape mission this Saturday 1 November at the North Harbour Champs, Belmont Intermediate, Takapuna.

Sorry haven't been updating here as been super busy getting my girls ready for the NABBA Nationals and North Harbour plus a million other things I have to do to master the Shape class.

When I first started out my new figure mission, it was a challenge enough to walk and pose on heels and get all girlified for figure but now Shape is even more girly so its going to be even more of a challenge for me. So its all or nothing with me! 
Lisa with Niki Taylor


Well, can't believe I've been back a week already!  and where has my body gone??!  For the past week I've been a little 'relaxed' with my food. I've had 2 restaurant meals, one larb gai at Thai restaurant. One chinese meal, a sizzling venision dish mmm and they were both delish. Even had some rice with it.  Now that's treat for me already.

In conjunction with the meals out, this week have also polished off 2 x 500ml cyclops unsweetened yoghurt, 2 lines of a cadbury choc block, a whole pineapple, a couple of HPLC bars and only 1 trim flat white! which didn't taste as good as I'd imagined it. And that's it.  I find it really hard to eat badly or just go pig out on packets of biscuits or lollies for no reason at all.  I know, I'm too good. 


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